Wow! Thrilling Crime Mystery---CSI: Las Vegas

Wow!Walt Disney DVD From the first moment of this spectacular Bullet Time period of the opening sequence started 10, and at the last minute Langston to bleeding to death during the final this season was the best of recent years.The first full season without WilliamSopranos DVDPetersen and Gary Dourdan, Jorja Fox is back, Sara Sidle is an essential part of CSI, some even more than Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne) and Jorja, only old CSI, more time for Helgenberger and Eads screen!Liz Vassey and David Berman became a regular cast member this season (unfortunately Vassey Walt Disney DVDhas been running, but complain in my review of 11 years), this DVD contains a longer season arc serial murderer, Yay!, we all love, if Paul Milland (although one or two episodes of season 3 or 4 seasons), the miniature Lost DVDmurderer or the murderer of blue paint, we all love the twists and turns! a Key In particular I liked was when Langston was stabbed by Nate Haskell, yes! the murderer of the most recent episodes of Dick and Jane Grissom. He's back!CSI reached The Office DVDnew heights this season, and had Fishburne (still very) small screen hours this year Helgenberger really becomes leader of his team.

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