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Just Saying Hello!

Hi, it's me Carol and I'm just giving a shout out to everyone from JDHS.
I really miss all of you and I sure would like to talk to anyone from the class of '83 so holler back at me sometime!


In 2003 I survived a dangerous operation to remove a brain tumor (non-cancerous). Apparently, I had this tumor most of my life. It is an epidurmous tumor entertwinded in the hypathmous. Very rare and very slow growing. It had a serious effect on such things as memory and other cognitive functions for most of my life. In the 2003 operation. most of the tumor was removed, but it was not possible to get all of it. So, the remaining tumor has regrown and another operation is planned for early 2009. This situation has left me with two brain injuries.

Updates and Happy Holidays!

The site's been a little quiet lately, so I thought I'd post a little something to let everyone know we're still here! is still getting new users pretty regularly, reunion coordinators are starting to pull things together for next summer, and I'm working on some new stuff that I'll try to have ready for the new year, so definitely stay tuned.

Remember you can always add to your own blog or submit content for the front page - just take a look under "Create..."!

And since it's December... Happy holidays to everyone!

Childhood Home on Streetview

The other day (actually back in June or July, it’s taken me a while to type this up) I was reading an article online in the Juneau Empire, the newspaper of my original hometown: Juneau, Alaska. I often read the paper online out of nostalgic curiosity. The article was about proposed public transit plans in Juneau. One of the plan descriptions mentioned the street Riverside Drive and that name struck a chord. Riverside Drive sounded very familiar but I couldn’t place it because I kept mixing it up with Riverside County and the city of Riverside in Socal.

what to say

this is hard...not this blog...
Olivia's death ....
just got back from the homecoming parade and pep rally.
Liv should have been there -
She should be homecoming royalty. She should be homecoming queen.
so.... I thought I would try this but I can't really bring myself to type out
the ramblings in my head....

Spirit of '87 Scholarship Fund

Just wanted to pass along some information about a new scholarship available for Juneau students, the Spirit of '87 Scholarship.

For students, if you meet the requirements (attended Juneau schools for at least 2 years, are a senior, etc), then you should may be eligible to receive $250 towards furthering your education.

For potential donors, the Spirit of '87 Scholarship Fund is working towards and is close to receiving its non-profit status, meaning your donations will be tax deductible. They aren't quite there yet, but you can still donate in the meantime.

If you have any questions, you can direct them to Kluane Baer, president and founder of the scholarship. More information will be posted as it becomes available!

Reunions on

If you're the reunion coordinator for your class reunion, contact me if you'd like information about how can help - that's what this site is here for! We can create customized reunion pages for you, hosted at, mailing lists, events with RSVP capabilities, etc. Anything is possible, just ask!

On another topic, the new site seems to be running pretty smoothly. I'll be sending out a mass e-mail soon to notify everyone who may not have seen the site lately to come back and take another look. I've also got plans for a monthly newsletter, merchandise, games, and all sorts of stuff. If you've got comments, suggestions, concerns, questions, or just want to say hello, please contact me.

If you really dig the site, donations are always appreciated!

To all JDHS Class of

Okay, so I think it's time to check in with each and every one of my 1985 classmates to see how everyone is doing in life, since we last saw each other in Juneau at the Class of 1985 reunion in 2005.

I know I'm turning 41 this year(although I still feel about 20-ish).

I also know that growing up in Juneau, AK was a completely unique and beautiful (although challenging at times) experience that we can all hold close to our hearts.

I moved to Juneau from Bremerton, WA when I was six years old.

I wouldn't want to change my childhood for anyting in the world.

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