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Article about me (& Kathi Gurtzon) by the new manager at KSER.

Next Operation

Hello. Was back in the hospital for another operation. This time, shunt from previous developed an infection (a "morganilla" infuction); my daughter Morgan got a hick out of this one. Anyway, all better now and out of the hospital. Just trying to get my life back to "normal". Onward and Upward. -Donn


Hello - home from operation - safe and could. Doc did a great job - got all the tumor. Praise the Lord. While I will still have some memory and cognitive issues, no tumor to regrow! Yippee.


In 2003 I survived a dangerous operation to remove a brain tumor (non-cancerous). Apparently, I had this tumor most of my life. It is an epidurmous tumor entertwinded in the hypathmous. Very rare and very slow growing. It had a serious effect on such things as memory and other cognitive functions for most of my life. In the 2003 operation. most of the tumor was removed, but it was not possible to get all of it. So, the remaining tumor has regrown and another operation is planned for early 2009. This situation has left me with two brain injuries.

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